Morgan by Capri Luna
Morgan detail by Capri Luna
Morgan (box) by Capri Luna
Capri Luna


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8 flat notes and 8 hand-lined envelopes


The Morgan 4/4 British Sports Roadster Series II was made by Morgan Motor Company from 1955-1960.  It came in the iconic British Racing Green,  2-seater,  leather engine strap (kept the hood on!), wooden ash frame, and a side-valve 1,172 cc Ford 100E engine.  A work of art and a sweet ride.

Enjoy this same stylish roadster as a personal correspondence card. 

  • Box of 8 flat notes - letterpress and digitally printed on 100% recycled card stock
  • Envelopes are hand-finished: hand-lined and hand-embossed
  • Hand-drawn/painted - Morgan roadster and argyle liner by artist Clare Schaumann
  • Box is a custom eco-fiber wrapped base with a vinyl lid - our logo in silver foil

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